Token for security

Our firm, still dynamically growing, is of a decisive role within the Central-European and Hungarian security services trade. We deem security protocol and the domestic and international ethic norms of our trade very important and, thus, obligatory for ourselves. We believe: it is prestigious to work for our clients, it is a merit to work for our firm, and it is obligatory to prove one’s excellence day by day and everywhere. In 1996, we were awarded in Mexico City the award of the “International Diamond Star for Quality” from among candidates from more than 40 countries. In addition to other international quality awards, in 2002, Nikkei, a Japanese political-economic daily published in 3 million copies and thus being the biggest daily paper of the world discussed our firm on its front page, expressing a very favorable opinion on it. In 2008, “In-Kal”, as a brand, was given the Business Superbrands qualification.
The group of companies was established by the Late Dr. György Lasz, whose philosophy burned into our souls. He said: “There are two ways of making a career: either by your efforts, or by the ineptitude of others. I chose the first as my philosophy. It also makes a difference, whether a rich man wins by money, or the poor by brilliance of the mind, conviction and faith …”

Dr. Kázmér Lovas
General Manager
In-Kal Ltd.